Choosing a caravan can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you hear terms such as berths, axles, layouts, MTPLM, and total user payload. Right at the very start, choosing the right caravan for you and your family involves looking at how many berths you need. To help you get a better understanding of what a berth is and how to go about deciding how many you need, we’ve simplified things for you.

Simply put, a berth is a designated sleeping area in a caravan. Think about how many people you have in your family that you are likely to take on your adventures and holidays. Broadly speaking, caravans will fit into two categories: those built mainly with couples in mind and those built mainly with families in mind. Try to think ahead when you’re making this decision as you may want to take children, relatives or friends along with you in the future.

You can even add a decent-sized awning to serve as an extra room where some of your family can sleep, play or relax giving you more space without choosing a larger caravan. Now that you have an idea of who’s going caravanning with you, it’s time to take a look at the different berths available.

How many berths do you need?

The number of berths available in a caravan range from 2 to 6. Make sure you choose one that suits your family’s needs, especially if you are planning on your family growing in the near future.

2-berth caravans

If you’re a solo traveller or a couple and know for sure that you will be taking on all caravan adventures on your own, you’ll only need to pick whether you’d like a double bed or two single beds which means a 2-berth caravan will be perfect for you. Most of these caravans have two parallel front sofa seats which can be transformed into a double bed or used as two single beds. This also means that your caravan will be more compact and lighter than the others.

3-berth caravans

Ideal for a couple, a family of three or a small group of friends, 3-berth touring caravans like the 2-berth caravans, come with two parallel front sofa seats which can be transformed into a double bed. Additionally, the two-seater dinette has the ability to transform into a single bed.

4-berth caravans

The most popular option is the 4-berth caravan as it caters to couples as well as families of up to four people. As a couple, you get more space and the option to invite friends or relatives along if you like and as a family, you get a more practical caravan and a comfortable choice.

Generally, 4-berth touring caravans consist of a front lounge living area that converts into extra beds and either a fixed double bed or 2 fixed single beds at the rear. You won’t need to compromise on comfort or space when you’ve got the ability to transform the front beds into living spaces during the day. Everyone can get a good night’s sleep and enjoy meals, games and relaxing together during the day without feeling cramped up.

5-berth caravans

Perfect for a family of 5, the 5-berth caravan consists of two fixed bunk beds, a double or two single beds which can be made up from the parallel front sofa seats and finally, an extra single bed which can be made up from the two-seater dinette. Practically speaking, any caravan layout that offers five or six berths is known as a family with kids layout. After all, what kid wouldn’t love to sleep in a bunk bed?

6-berth caravans

For larger families that may want to bring friends away with them, the 6-berth caravan would be the best choice. Not only does it sleep 6 people, but it also allows you to use your caravan on a year-round basis when the cold weather makes spending time outdoors less appealing. You can all enjoy a nice, cosy and warm caravan without compromising on space. You’ll be able to choose from layouts that include fixed bunk beds, dinettes that transform into single beds or bunk beds at night or even a choice to have 2 double beds, 2 bunk beds and a large 4 seater dinette.

Now that you’re familiar with all of the options available, you’ll be able to pick the perfect caravan for your solo or family adventures. Remember to always think ahead when choosing your layout and number of berths so that you can enjoy your caravan for many years to come.

No matter how many berths you choose, you’ll want to keep your caravan safe and protected. Make sure you’ve got adequate caravan insurance to keep your holiday home safe. As a specialist broker with over 45 years experience we have top quality policies that protect you when you need it most. Call us on 01480 402460 for a no obligation quote.

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